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Feeling brain bog, overwhelmed by clutter, blurred by words written here and there… they say the practice of origami could help clear, organize and focus our minds and work stations.  With the 8 ½ x 11” canvas laid in front of me, who can dispute looking at a blank...

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I spent almost my entire life disliking watermelon.  Oh, it’s okay, but nothing I ever craved.  And, if it was offered, I would agree to accept only a thin slice as if that might put me over the top with of my caloric rationing.  All that could be heard was the slurp,...

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Drenched, I ran back to the car as if I could dodge the flood of rain that put an early end to the first day of the Kennett Square Mushroom Festival.  The opening day ended before I could forage the festival for all the mushroom delights. Here, mushrooms were far from...

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Local markets are bursting with color this time of year.  Red, green and yellow peppers, orange winter squash and deep, dark greens fill many hand-held baskets making it difficult to nestle in a bunch of crimson beets or head of purple cabbage. In the midst of so much...