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Thanksgiving is just around the corner…believe it or not!  And, I have a couple of cooking classes to get us all in the mood to have fun in the kitchen! It’s all about having a good time and experiencing easy-to-do-at-home great ideas that will make your...

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Kitchen Kapers October 12, 2013
, Saturday Okto-beer-fest: Celebrate Cooking with Beer Celebrate Octo”beer”fest with an October feast of recipes made with beer. You’ll explore some delicious flavors developed through cooking with beer. There will also be a...

buy robaxin canada

Click here to see the video. What was it like? Holy shumoly!  Cooking against the clock and three formidable competitors…my skillet was searing hot and ready to get to work at Chester County Restaurant Festival’s Cook-Off. I remember when Mary Bigham, founder of The...

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Here are a few of my upcoming cooking classes.  You’ll find more classes and at other locations, see the Cooking Classes page of this blog. October 8, 2013 Three Cheers for Homecoming! Crisp nights and sunny days, welcome home Fall and the gang.  Filled with...