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Libby is available for private parties and events as well as group cooking classes. Contact Libby to register or schedule a custom cooking program.

Three Cheers for Homecoming!

Crisp nights and sunny days, welcome home Fall and the gang. Filled with foods for great gatherings that work into week-night timesavers, you’ll march down easy street to the winning fight-song for hardy, healthy foods that everyone will love. In this we’ll make – homecoming punch, – hot cauliflower dip, – smoked pork sliders with a red onion marmalade, – celery, apple fennel slaw, and bourbon pecan tart. IF there ARE any leftovers when the weekend’s done, great tips for using through the week! Fee: $65/ couples $95 Minimum 5

Death By Chocolate

Death by Chocolate The ultimate “who done it” in the kitchen…taste these clues:Libby Taste the chocolate
Chocolate Chili Butternut Squash Soup, a deep and rich earthy flavor that’s comforting on so many levels, making it hard to find a single motive. Coffee and Cocoa rubbed Steak served with a Shallot and Beer Marmalade with Cocoa Nibbs and French Green Beans. It’ easy to find the French Connection with these dishes, but is it a crime to enjoy such extravagance? The amazing steak and incredible flavors of this marvelous marmalade are enough to send me fleeing from this case and directly to my table, fork in hand! The final clue, a Flourless Chocolate Cake with Salted Caramel drizzle. This case, a Death by Chocolate… is one without the alibi…and one where the evidence was eaten.
 Registration Fee: $65/ couples $95 Minimum 5

Brewed Awakenings!

Tonight’s menu is brewing with flavor. We’ll be preparing a simple Salad with Orange and Ale Vinaigrette for our first course. Next, it’s on to our entree for the evening, Beer Braised Pork Chops with Apple-Cherry Relish accompanied by Beer and Bacon Corn Bread topped with a Beer and Red Onion Marmalade. Did we say that we’d be cooking with Beer? We’ll also be using Beer to make our dessert! We’ll be making a classic Black and Tan Cake- a Guinness, Chocolate, Bass Ale and Caramel Cake, made in an impressive checker-board presentation! So, come and raise a mug with us and add it to the food!!!!.
Registration Fee: $65/ couples $95 Minimum 5

Street Food

Street food is the ultimate in fun food! Ethnic flavors make these unglamourous eats perfect for enlivening snacks, dinners and parties. We’ll start our “street walk” with Savory Mini Samosa Triangles on a stick served with a Tamarind dipping sauce. With #streetfoodfun as our guide, we´ll make our way to a must try, Korean Spicy BBQ Pork Tacos with a puckery cucumber crunch for a delightful fusion of Asian and Mexican cuisine. Then, an over the top Cheesy Mac Grilled Cheese served with a Zesty Tomato Soup gives us a taste of all things “home.” And, popularized by high-end chefs such as, Chicago´s Rick Bayless, World Famous Churros with Hot Mocha Cappuccino make a traditional Latin breakfast on the go or delightful finish to a day of dining on the street.

* Savory Mini Samosa Triangles on a stick served with a Tamarind dipping sauce
* Korean Spicy BBQ Pork Tacos with a puckery cucumber crunch 
* Cheesy Mac Grilled Cheese served with a Zesty Tomato Soup
* World Famous Churros with Hot Mocha Cappuccino

Registration Fee: $65/ couples $95 Minimum 5

Mediterranean Masterpieces

The deep blue of the sea, the smell of salt air, the rolling green hills covered in grape vines and olive trees…is it any surprise that Mediterranean cooking has always been a foodie Libby Chick Pea Saladfavorite? Beloved for its fresh ingredients, wonderful flavors, and exquisite preparation, the varied cuisines of the Mediterranean have influenced nearly every Westerner’s idea of what good cooking should be. Chef will tell us the secrets and techniques to preparing a variety of favorites from France and Italy, starting with MOULES MARINIERE, a popular dish of marinated mussels. Next, he’ll prepare his take on the classic Italian saltimbocca, when he makes SALTIMBOCCA SALAD WITH ROASTED TOMATO DRESSING AND PROSCIUTTO CHIPS. Third, he’ll teach us all how to make LAMB A LA MOUTARDE, crusted in fresh herbs and served with RISSOLE POTATOES AND ASPARAGUS. Finally, he’ll the end evening on a sweet note by preparing individual-sized SAINT HONORE CAKES, a delicacy created from puff pastry, pâte a choux, and several kinds of cream. Yum! Registration Fee: $65/ couples $95 Minimum 5

Holiday Packages – Wrapped and Bowed

These edible holiday packages make gorgeous gifts on any holiday plate.   We’ll make and wrap goat cheese filled dates in apple-wood smoked bacIMG_1621on served on greens tossed in a spiced apple dressing, Moroccan style cabbage rolls with jeweled pistachio-apricot quinoa and lamb with a pomegranate reduction, holiday stew en papillote, asparagus bundles, and for dessert, cocoa spiced nut purses with vanilla pear sauce. Fee: $65/ couples $95 Minimum 5

Brain Games

If you feel tired returning to work after lunch, are forgetful of things your just heard or read, too easily distracted by ambient noises or other projects, sluggish when solving problems, dust off your IQ and come to class. You don’t have to be a genius to have a brilliant mind. The smart way to take care of your mind is through working out and eating right. This translates to “FUN” and “YUM” when the culinary games make smart creations for breakfast, snacks, to packable lunches and dinner. Learn how to sharpen, and train your thinking! Improve concentration and memory! All while making recipes for protecting your brain against aging and disease, fueling you brain with energy and clarity. We’ll make Roasted Brussels sprouts in Walnut Dressing, Roast Salmon with Chili Lime Vinaigrette, Kale Potato Hash, Peanut Butter Oat Breakfast Bars and Iced Blueberries. Fee: $65/ couples $95

Paleo and Gluten-Free Cooking

Hunting and gathering food never tasted so good. Join the 21st century Paleoliths with a modernized, gluten free menu. Tonight, we’ll be discussing some of the benefits of Paleo and Gluten Free cooking and also enjoy a wonderful meal. We’ll be making Bacon wrapped Jalapeno Sweet Potatoes to start. Then move onto Citrus-Rosemary-Juniper Roasted Pork served with a warm Spinach Salad. And, for dessert, we’ll be making a sweet and creamy Coconut Cream Pie! Fee: $65/ couples $95 Minimum 5