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Hi! I’m Libby.

I’m a registered dietitian, now. But first, you have to know that I grew up in the southern Midwest where virtually all recipes start with a dollop of bacon grease and a big steak, slice of meat loaf or rack of ribs dominated the plate. But as I grew up and began wanting to look and feel my best, I soon realized this wasn’t working.  

I searched and read anything that could help and got a lot of conflicting advice. It seemed no matter what I heard or read, I wasted a lot of time and energy trying to separate fad from fiction. I didn’t know who to trust.  

It was during this time, that I wanted to REALLY learn about nutrition and I went to University of Missouri, where I earned a degree in Nutrition and Food Science, and later Saint Louis University, where I earned a Masters in Medical Nutrition Therapy and become a Registered Dietitian. In my studies, I read the research. I learn life-changing power of evidence-based nutrition. At last, I discovered health recommendations I could trust.   

But not everyone becomes a registered dietitian just because they want nutrition recommendations they can trust. Yet, millions search the Internet every day, like I did. With a foundation in science, I started my private practice to be your registered dietitian, so that you can quit struggling with conflicting information and stop wasting time without having to go back to school.

Most important, I learned how to read the research and translate the science into choices everyday people can make in their everyday lives.  

In my search for foods that are good for me, it only took one bite to know that good for me had to taste good—real good. Starting with quality ingredients, whole foods and a zealous quest to really enjoy eating, I have discovered a world of cooking beyond my Midwest roots.

Welcome to my site/kitchen where I rely on the scientific evidence to make it easy to confidently dig in and eat up!  Enjoy my blend of nutrition and cooking made simple, quick and flavorful.

New Book Coming Soon!

We cook with wine, we cook with water, but cooking with craft beer?

If you like flavor, cooking with craft beer is a whole new world of sensory experiences, cooking fun and flavor-full foods. Beyond beer batter, this book features a Brewschetta Salad, Porter-house Caulifower Steak Serve Rarebit (that’s a Welsh cheese sauce) and Beer Brat K-Bob.

There is only one way to help with your craft beer cooking adventures, and that is to explore your own appreciation. You’ll enjoy hearing the pshhhh, eying the slosh of the glug, sniffing and tasting as I walk you through the flavor experience, recipe development, why I chose each craft beer to the final recipes. Next time you’re making a dressing, ladling a sauce or baking a cake, you just might with increased confidence pour in some craft beer.

Bringing craft beer into your kitchen is all about the enjoyment of craft beer, the flavor it adds to food and the sharing of good times, good food and good cheer. Good health.

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My New Book!

We cook with wine, we cook with water, but cooking with craft beer?