You gotta leave with something! Take one or all.

If you want to experience craft beer for all of its sensory qualities, keep a log of those brews you’ve tried, or want to explore what you might do in the kitchen the characteristics of a given beer, boy do I have just the handout!

Beer Notes is will guide you thought the sensory experience whether you have my book, link to book page TITLE, or not. You will Be able to analyze and catalog each beer you try. You will gain insights into your own sensory ability, and progressively get better. And, you will learn flavors and styles that you like best. Identifying your perception a beers aroma, color, mouth feel, taste and after taste, you can begin getting into the real flavorful fun of cooking with craft beer!

You may never cook with craft beer, but you can have fun exploring the kazillion varieties to try.

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We cook with wine, we cook with water, but cooking with craft beer?