Tell me, which zone do you find yourself in when the expert is boresville?

A. Making your to do list for later
B. The Twilight Zone
C. Over parked in the informational downloading zone

If you’re looking for a lively, bright and engaging expert with personality for print, online, podcasts, TV or radio to translate the science into what the audience needs to know and what they can do, simply said—contact me.


I can talk nutrition for days. But I’ll target the messaging and leave the audience with actionable bites of practical information.


  • Hype or here to stay, health claims simplified for consumers
  • Best nutrition practices for the on the go people who want to get the most
    enjoyment out of their eating through the workday, at home and in their social
  • Sustainable kitchen practices
  • Plant-centric, but not exclusive, eating
  • Sensory appreciation
  • Appreciating and cooking with craft beer…and of course, talking about my book.
  • Cooking by fire, smoke, acid or simply combining the right ingredients using the
    right techniques for a total yum factor
  • Mindfulness
  • Who, what, where and when of choosing fresh, seasonal and quality ingredients,
    buying on a time and money budget, storing and handling food safely

Work Examples

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Eatright Radio
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