Local Nutrition

Food is medicine and part of the prescription for optimal health.

Prevent and manage disease
Promote digestive health
Weight management
Special diets

To get started, I listen to your unique needs, preferences, likes and dislikes, and what
your lifestyle is like. I carefully analyze your family medical history and your personal
health history, concerns and objectives. Then using this information, we set goal and
develop a plan to reach those goals.

I’ll be there with you all the way. The best reward for me is seeing your success throughout our personal relationship. Face-to-face nutrition is available at my West Chester office and on-site at participating companies and groups.

Call me to find out how your company or group can participate. Please ask, your health insurance may pay for Nutrition Counseling.

Call to schedule a 15 minute free consultation to find out how Nutrition Counseling can work for you.

“Libby condensed a lot of information in a short time. She is well spoken and has a good sense of humor! Would definitely like another session with more in-depth information to tap her expertise further. Thanks!”
Exelon Executive

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We cook with wine, we cook with water, but cooking with craft beer?