Take a look at what my past cooks had to say!

“Inspired to try beet greens and mix beans with veggies. Also stock.”

“I like how she talked to us – rather than over-rely on PowerPoint. I wasn’t distracted. She smiled and was really positive. Does she teach anything else?”

“Presenter was great with pointers about introducing new items to the diet. Very energetic. Thanks so much : )”

“Before the program, I wondered, “Could this really help?” And ‘Yes, it did.’ Libby is funny, but serious. She and her program, Life Strategies to Total Wellness made me feel like I can conquer the world.”

“I got a boost from Life Strategies to Total Wellness. I felt tension before the program but left at ease with a plan of attack. Libby created the urgency to look at wellness today. I liked the excellent participation Libby stimulated from the group.”

“Good basic practical information. I liked Libby’s ‘peasant cooking “ attitude and her honest ‘no bull’ communication.” The recipes were wonderful and the organization was impeccable.”

“Libby’s program helped me realize it’s not worth going through life eating unhealthy, wasting money and energy on [high-fat foods adding pounds by the year. Her program was very entertaining and interesting. I liked the visuals of Crisco showing the amount of fat in fast food.”

“Very well done. I liked the fact you answered all our questions. Very personable and spoke very well. Understands her subject and the joys in sharing fun experiences. When are you going to be on PBS? You are a perfect fit!”

“Having completed the program, I feel better informed on how to control my life. Libby is a very upbeat, very friendly and positive instructor.”

My New Book!

We cook with wine, we cook with water, but cooking with craft beer?